Dr. A. K. Bardhan, with his over 30 years of experience in the medical field, is one of the best cardiologists in Kolkata. The doctor has immense experience in the field of heart related or cardiac diseases. Doctor A. K. Bardhan is very proficient in dealing with diseases such as coronary artery diseases, congenital heart defects, heart failures, valvular heart diseases and many such cardiac diseases along with many circulatory system diseases. The doctor is known for his polite approach towards his patients and provides a lot of care and personal attention to all his patients.


Dr. A. K. Bardhan has completed his MBBS degree under the University of Calcutta, in the year 1971. He also holds a Postgraduate Diploma degree in Cardiology under Jadavpur University, from the year 1976. He also received his Doctorate of Medicine in Cardiology from the University of Calcutta, 1979. The doctor is a member of the Medical Council of India. In the year 1985, Dr Bardhan updated his skills in ‘Non-Invasive Cardiology’ from the Cardiology Division of St. Louis Medical Centre, USA. In the year 1990, he started working as a consultant doctor at the Philippines Hear Centre. He is also a member of the College of Chest Physicians in the USA. The Doctor has also worked at Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester, UK, in the year 1976. Currently, he is practicing at Apollo Gleneagles Hospital Limited.

Dr Bardhan published many medical journals related to Cardiology and also attended various international as well as national cardiology conferences such as Euro-Cardiology, P.C.R., etc. He is also skilled in ‘Non-Invasive Cardiology’ recognized by the Division of Cardiology of St. Louis Medical Centre, USA.


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