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Dr. Chishti is the Director of the Department of Adult Cardiac Surgery & Heart Lung
Dr. Praveen Gupta specializes in Internal Medicine and Neurology. He is well experienced over a decade in the field of medical sci
Dr. Hitesh Garg is a senior consultant of the Orthopedic Department at Artemis Hospital in Gurugram, Haryana.
With an experience of 19 years, Dr. Durgatosh Pandey is the Director and Senior Consultant of Surgical Oncology at Artemis Hospita
Dr. I. P. S. Oberoi is currently the Director of Department of Arthroscopy and Joint Replacement Surgery at Artemis Hospital.
Dr. Giriraj Bora is one of the most notable liver transplant surgeons who has handled many successful cases to date.
Dr. Manju Aggarwal is a renowned Nephrologist and Renal Specialist in India. She has 36 Years of experience in her field and still
Dr Nadar is the Director of the Director and Head in Urology and Renal transplant with Fortis Hospital, Noida, which is known for
Dr. Pawan Kumar Singh is the consultant of Radiation Oncology at the renowned Artemis Hospitals in Gurugram, Haryana.
Dr. Vikram Kaushik Barua is Senior Consultant of the Urology Department at the Artemis Hospital in Gurugram, Haryana.
Dr. Ajay Kumar Kriplani Minimal Access, Bariatric and GI Surgeon from Fortis Hospitals, Delhi. He is the “Past president and Tru
Dr. Sonu Balhara Ahlawat is one of the top IUI, IVF,
Dr. Nikhil Kumar is a well-rounded cardiologist in terms of skill and experience. He has been in this for almost 37 years which q
Dr. Anil Kumar Kansal, one of the renowned neurosurgeons in India, is the Director and Head of Department of Neuro Surgery & Neur
Dr Pramod Saini is a Fellowship trained, Board certified Spine surgeon associated with Jaypee Hospital, Noida He specializes in ma
Dr. Hari Goyal’s expertise lies in Oncological Hematology.
Dr. Raman Kant Aggarwal is one of the top Orthopedist in the country.
Dr. Avnish Kumar Seth
Dr. Avnish Kumar Seth is a renowned gastroenterologist
Dr. Jauhri is an experienced Kidney Transplant (KTP) with over a decade of rich experience in the areas of treating Nephrology and
Dr. Gaurav Kharya is a very well-known onco-surgeon and currently serving as a Senior Consultant & Head Pediatric Hemato-oncology
Dr. (Col) Rajeev Sood is the HOD & Director Urology, Robotics Renal Transplantation at Fortis. One of the most well-known and resp

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