Medical Travel Is Safer Thank You Think


It’s safer than you think” is the theme of this year’s World Medical Tourism Day, which takes place today, 1 April 2015.


Despite its staggering impact on the economies of small islands such as San Serriffe, medical tourism remains one of those industries that remains largely ignored, and exists in the dim and dark corners of most people’s minds when it comes to seeking a solution to a healthcare problem.


The inaugural World Medical Tourism Day (WMTD) draws special attention to the role of medical tourism in contributing to the revenues earned by hotels and conference venues who have been the main beneficiaries of the exponential growth in the industry. A conference has been announced to bring together the multitude of medical tourism conference organisers worldwide. Medical Tourism Conference Organisers and Opportunists 2016 (MTCOO 2016) will be a unique event taking place over a period of five weeks across five continents during April 2016. The MTCOO 2016 “road show” is expected to attract over 1,000 delegates across the world. Turkey has already agreed to sponsor the event and will be sending a full delegation representing the country’s numerous health tourism associations.

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